Topics of doctoral theses

for the year 2021/2022
program Company (Corporate) Management and Economics



doc. Ing. et Ing. Stanislav Škapa, Ph.D.

  • Alternative company theory as a means of company management
    The research will focus on the analysis of the current state of alternative theories of the company and their application in the management of the company and the design of models and theories resulting from these alternative theories, explain the approaches of top management decision-making in real environment.
  • Tools and methods for pricing of natural monopolies
    The theme focuses on the critical analysis tools and in particular, monopolistic pricing strategies, respectively. oligopolistic firms operating in sectors which are natural or high barriers to entry.

doc. Ing. Marek Zinecker, Ph.D.

  • The Political Economy of Disintegration: Assessing Economic Consequences in terms of Small and Medium Entrepreneurship
    This research aims to identify key factors, which might be critical when considering the current tendencies of disintegration from the perspective of SMEs based the Czech Republic.



prof. Ing. Mária Režňáková, CSc.

  • Business valuation of start-ups
    Estimation of uture developments and expected cash flows for start-ups is challenging. Aim of the thesis is to examine existing approaches to start-up valuation and propose new suitable modifications.



doc. Ing. Radek Doskočil, Ph.D., MSc

  • Quantitative Methods in Managerial Decision Making
    The research will focus on the analysis of current state of quantitative approach application in company management and on the design of models which are used as a tool for support of managerial decision-making.



doc. Ing. Vít Chlebovský, Ph.D.

  • Marketing within digital transformation era
    Research focused on marketing concepts changes related to business digitizaztion trends. Primary focus on production enterprices on both B2B and B2C markets. Research focused on concepts using product customisations.

doc. Ing. Zdeňka Konečná, Ph.D.

  • Leadership Specifics in a Context of Current Situation in the International Environment
    Recently, under the ongoing changes in society, new demands and expectations have been required from leaders. The main goal of the dissertation will be to design a model of effective human resource management in a culturally determined context, which will contribute to the knowledge of the elements of effective human resource management in the international environment in the context of the current situation.

doc. RNDr. Anna Putnová, Ph.D.

  • New forms of work and the transformation of the labor market in terms of business ethics
    The events of the last year, as well as advancing digitization, bring new needs to the labor market. At the same time, we get into a situation that is completely new for both employers and employees. It brings a number of ethical dilemmas. Their solution is the topic of the doctoral thesis.