Science and Research

Research and development at the BUT Faculty of Business and Management is an integral part of the professional activities of the faculty staff and doctoral students. It is economy-oriented focused on managerial skills, information technology, and interdisciplinary fields.

Research at the Faculty is regulated by the Statutes of the BUT Faculty of Business and Management and long-term plan for education, research, development, innovations, and other creative activities at the BUT Faculty of Business and Management.

Basic and applied research conducted at the BUT Faculty of Business and Management focuses on the development of economic and managerial fields and on cooperation with the business sphere on finding solutions to economic and managerial problems.

The research focus of the Institute of Economics includes:

  • determinants of supply and demand in production factors markets,
  • sustainability of companies/organizations,
  • primary markets of securities,
  • financial system and financial markets and their influence on the world's economy,
  • soft models of investment decision-making in the conditions of high-tech companies,
  • competitive intelligence.

The research focus of the Institute of Finance includes:

  • financial management,
  • taxes and tax planning,
  • accounting.

The research focus of the Institute of Management includes:

  • corporate management and entrepreneurship,
  • production management and logistics,
  • marketing and trade,
  • comprehensive models of manager behaviour.

The research focus of the Institute of Informatics includes:

  • assessment of the efficiency of information systems for corporate resource planning, support for managerial decision-making and their optimisation,
  • use of advanced mathematical and statistical methods in economic models.

Research outcomes are published on a regular basis in journals, at conferences and monographs. Since 2007, the faculty has been publishing the journal, Trends of Economics and Management, whose mission is to publish reviewed papers on economics and management. The journal is on the list of reviewed non-impacted periodicals published in the Czech Republic, being indexed in EBSCO, ERIH PLUS, EZB, Google Scholar, Index Copernicus, ProQuest, Ulrich's, ROAD. 


Vice-Dean for science and research

doc. Ing. et Ing. Stanislav Škapa, Ph.D.
tel.: +420 54114 3741
místnost: P563

Section of creative activities and doctoral study

Ing. Simona Reková
tel: + 420 54114 2815
room: P372

Section of project support

Ing. Veronika Koláčná
tel: + 420 54114 2880
room: P371