Úvod Research and Development
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Research and Development

Research and development form integral parts of the professional activities of the faculty staff and doctoral students. This is in line with the primary objective of such activities, that is, gaining new knowledge and applying it to the development of the fields of research conducted at the faculty.

The areas of research are set forth by the faculty's statutes and mission statement focusing on economics, development of managerial skills, information technology, and a number of interdisciplinary fields.

The outcomes of research and development are published regularly in journals, at conferences, and in books. The faculty of Business and Management publishes the journal Trends in Economics and Management. The Journal is registered on the List of Reviewed non–impact periodicals issued in the Czech Republic.

The research receives funding mostly from domestic grant projects (financed mainly by the Grant Agency of the Czech Republic, Ministry of Education, Youth, and Sports of the Czech Republic) as well as from international projects.