Incoming Staff Teaching/Training activity

Thank you for your interest in carrying out a Staff Teaching/Training activity at the Faculty of Business and Management.

We would like to ensure that your teaching/training experience is successful and have therefore defined the following procedure.

As a rule, we act as a host for (Erasmus+) Staff Teaching/Training only if there is a partnership agreement between your university and Faculty of Business and Management.

How to proceed:

1st step:

Before making the decision to host you, we need the following information from you:

  • Brief CV
  • Detailed description of your function at your home university and the responsibilities this entails
  • Training program: your areas of interest, desired activities, desired learning outcomes.
  • Name and e-mail address of the (Erasmus+) Co-ordinator or Head of International Office at your home university
  • of days of the intended Staff Training
  • At least 2 possible dates for your stay at Faculty of Business and Management.


2nd step:

Faculty of Business and Management has decided to host you à we work together to draw up a detailed work plan per day.

(Erasmus+) documents are filled in and signed.

Your contact person at Faculty of Business and Management is Zdeňka Konečná, Vice-Dean for External Relations and International Studies: