The mutual project of the Kyiv National Economic University and the Faculty of Business and Management


The mutual project of the Kyiv National Economic University (KNEU) and the Faculty of Business and Management, Brno University of Technology (FBM BUT) is based on long-term cooperation in the field of science and research on an individual basis under the contract of 2018.

The main aim of the project is to provide both students and academics with the opportunity to extend their existing knowledge and skills at a partner university, strengthen the existing relations in the field of education, science and research and thanks to the intense cooperation of teachers, create the joint “Information Security Management” master study programme (Double degree). In the field of science, we will solve issues related to information security together

The following types of mobility are planned within the project:

  • Study stay of KNEU doctoral students at BUT – two PhD students will come to FBM BUT for the period of three months in total. 
  • Study stay of FBM BUT doctoral students at KNEU – two PhD students will go to KNEU for the period of three months in total. 
  • Training stay of FBM BUT teachers at KNEU – four members of FBM BUT staff will go to a 10-day training stay at the partner university
  • Training stay of KNEU teachers at FBM BUT – four members of KNEU staff will go to a 10-day training stay at the partner university.

FBM BUT will benefit from the interaction and exchange of knowledge between the foreign and domestic students and academics, their joint scientific and research activities, etc. Moreover, the expected benefit of the cooperation is an increase in the number of student mobilities of students and staff as well as cooperation in organizing joint scientific projects and creating a joint study programme.

Through the mobility project, FBM BUT will get the opportunity to motivate a new group of students to study in the Czech Republic. More cooperation and search for options to offer the university capacity to foreign students should follow from this project. 

To KNEU as the partner university, staff mobility within the Erasmus+ programme allows an improvement of the level of teaching and research activities, quality of teaching materials and processes, use of more modern teaching methods and sharing the acquired experience. 

Teachers participating in the mobility get a new view of the course content, teaching methods and attitudes to foreign students at the university. The teachers will also gain experience in teaching of foreign students in English, which has a positive effect on internationalization development of both universities.

The students will learn about different approaches to the discussed subjects, they will be allowed to participate in an international project, communicate with students of the partner institution, share project outputs and promote them at the partner institution.

They will also benefit from professional improvements, new contacts, and exchange of experience in the field of their choice in both mobility types.

The personal contacts established during the mobility will give a strong impulse to further development in education and science.