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European Business and Finance


Teaching in English.

The European Business and Finance programme is a joint programme of three universities: Nottingham Trent University (GB), Karol Adamiecki University of Economics in Katowice (PL) and Brno University of Technology (CR). The joint programme was accredited in all three countries and is supported by the EU as it is based on the idea of Joint Master Degree studies as one of the outcomes of the Bologna Process. It is the first study programme of its kind in the Czech Republic.

The programme strives to educate specialists in business, trade and finance, with a stress on knowledge of the EU environment. Theoretical knowledge and practical skills of the students are developed in an international context, so that graduates could succeed on management posts in companies operating not only in the Czech Republic but also anywhere in the EU. The curriculum and teaching methods were designed to reflect both theoretical approaches and practical requirements of middle and top managers in the EU. Emphasis is placed in particular on the international and intercultural aspects of study.

The graduate is trained for posts in business entities operating in particular in the EU and posing great professional and managerial demands. The graduate is able to perform critical analyses of problems arising in business processes, financing processes and the business of international companies, to assess them and to propose standard strategic and operative managerial, financial and business solutions, obtained through theoretical study and specific practical knowledge and skills. While mastering practical managerial skills, the graduate will gain an understanding of basic legal and political processes in the EU.

Structure of subjects comprising the European Business and Finance programme


Information on study 

The follow-up Master's study programme, European Business and Finance, is accredited for day study. Stay in the Great Britain, knowledge of English equivalent to IELTS 6.5 (with a minimum of 5.5 in each category) points is required. Without language skills at this level, the second year studies cannot be pursued in the Great Britain.


Course of study and fees



Course of Study

Fees for Academic Year 2019/2020

EU Student





Study at Faculty of Business and Management of BUT Brno (Czech Republic)

500 €

1 200 €


Study at Faculty of Business and Management of BUT Brno (Czech Republic)

500 €

 1 200 €



Study at Nottingham Trent University (Great Britain)

2 850 GBP

2 850 GBP


Study at Faculty of Business and Management of BUT Brno (Czech Republic)

500 €

1 200 €



  1. Fees for the part of study taking place at Faculty of Business and Management of BUT Brno are set by the Dean's decision for every academic year. Fees are payable in full at the beginning of the semester.
    Decision no. 19/2017 TUITION FEES FOR DEGREE PROGRAMMES - 2018/2019
  2. Fees for the part of study taking place at Nottihgham Trent University are set by the foreign university. The fee does not include costs of living in the Great Britain.


Admissions to Master´s follow-up programme European Business and Finance is starting from 1st of January. The application for studying programme EBF have to be send to 31st of March. Electronic application for stuying at BUT.

The terms and conditions applicable to the admission process are set by the Dean's directive on admission into Bachelor's and follow-up Master's degree programmes for the relevant academic year. Admission is conditioned on due completion of a Bachelor's programme in economics or a programme in a related field. A programme in a related field is deemed to mean a programme that includes, to a sufficient extent, subjects comprising the theoretical basis of a Bachelor's programme in economics, in particular mathematics, statistics, informatics, microeconomics, macroeconomics and finance.

The Dean decides on admission following a review of written documents submitted by the applicant in English:

1. motivation letter

2. applicants graduating from a university abroad will submit a certificate pursuant to Section 48, paragraph 5 of the Act 111/1998 (Recognition of foreign education)


3. evidence of further professional activities

4. certificate of English language examination (knowledge of English equivalent to IELTS 6.5 - with a minimum of 5.5 in each category points is required).

Applications must be submitted by March 31, 2019.

All documents must be send by May 15, 2019.

The programme will be start in the middle of September 2019. 


Successful graduates will obtain

  1. diploma of a Master of Science (abbreviated "MSc") signed by Nottingham Trent University – after completing all the subjects in the study programme,
  2. diploma of an "inženýr" (abbreviated "Ing.") – after completing all the subjects in the study programme and passing the final state examination at the Faculty of Business and Management of BUT Brno


For additional information, please contact:
doc. Ing. et Ing. Stanislav Škapa, Ph.D.
Ústav ekonomiky
Kolejní 4
612 00 Brno
email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
tel.: + 420 541143741, + 420 54114 2684